Canne France

Canne France Canne hosts the Canne Film Festival each year and it is well known for its rich and famous.  The film festival is a by invitation only preview of all genres of upcoming films. Its purpose is a venue for producers/artists/directors to sell their films to media outlets for showings the next year. Not […]

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Bridgetown Barbados

Bridgetown Barbados The present day location of Bridgetown was established by English settlers in 1628. A few things to do when we walk in the city: St. Mary’s Church, Georgian style in 1827, St. Michael’s Cathedral, 1789, Nidge Synagagus 1654, the oldest synagogue in the Americans, and The Parliament building.

Travel Tip for the Week: Don’t Throw Away Your Pack List

Travel Tip for the Week Travel  tip for the week is to not throw away your pack list until you return. It is important to put this list in a Word document and save or make a copy of it so you can use it every year and not have to reinvent the wheel but […]

Petra & The Nabataeans

Petra & The Nabataeans We will spend our first Jordan night in Petra, staying at the the Petra Panorama Hotel. It is a modest hotel but the rooms have a wonderful view of the “Rose City”.  Petra was in the land of the Edomites, who were descendants of Esau. Israel and Edom were constantly at […]

Mt. Nebo & Madaba

Today we cross the border into Jordan. We will go through customs but our Visas will already be taken care of by Biblical Resources. I am sure Dr. Fleming will advise us on the procedures. We took a cruise to Turkey, another Muslim country,  awhile back and made three different stops on different days so […]