Travel Tip of the Week

Travel Tip of the Week: Pack an Extra Tote Travel tip for the week is to pack a collapsible tote bag so that you have something to carry your extra souvenirs in home. Of course, a reusable fabric grocery bag will work and does lie flat and does not weigh anything, but you can also […]

Travel Tip for the Week

Travel Tip for the Week Travel tip for this week is to put your name and phone number not only on a bag tag outside your bags but also in side all of your bags, including carryons somewhere in the bag. Sometimes bag tags get torn off. This is so important. Also take a picture […]

Travel Tip for the Week: Don’t Throw Away Your Pack List

Travel Tip for the Week Travel  tip for the week is to not throw away your pack list until you return. It is important to put this list in a Word document and save or make a copy of it so you can use it every year and not have to reinvent the wheel but […]

Travel Tip: Unplug all Electronics

Travel Tip for the Week Travel tip for the week is to remember to unplug your electronics including coffee makers, toaster ovens, irons, and especially computers and printers. If anything is on a surge protector, turn that off too. Make yourself a note to check the eyes on your stove and your oven to insure […]

Travel Tip of the Week: Empty Frig & Take Out the Garbage

Travel Tip of the Week Travel Tip of the Week is to be sure to empty your refrigerator and take out the garbage before you leave. Of course, leave those things in the frig that won’t spoil but many do and you don’t want to come home to a stinky house. Drop off the garbage […]

Travel Tip for the Week: Clean Your House

Travel Tip for the Week:  Clean Your House This is the best travel tip of all. Clean your house before you leave on vacation. You will be tired and will not want to clean it when you return. It will help make the transition from vacation back to the real world a lot easier to […]

Travel Tips

Travel Tips One of the best travel tips is to adjust your thermostats before you go out of town. If it is winter, don’t make it too cold or the pipes will freeze and/or the plants will die.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips Travel tips make it so much easier to get ready for a trip. I hope these will help you. Make a permanent travel check list to go over before each trip. Make a permanent packing list and make copies for each trip to work from. Make copies of the credit cards and other […]

Voluntourism Give Back

Voluntourism Time to Give Back Tonight, Tuesday, at 7pm there will be a presentation at The Copper Coin in downtown Woodstock on a partnership with a company that promotes voluntourism. Voluntourism is not new. It is just now gaining so much popularity that they have labeled it. Basically voluntourism is when you travel locally, across […]

Amman Jordan Originally Known as Philadelphia

Amman Jordan Today Amman Jordan is considered to be among the most liberal and westernized Arab cities. It is located in North Central Jordan. Known in the Bible as home to the Ammonites. The early settlement site, known as Ain Ghazl which is situated on a valley-side, dates back to 7250 BC. Ain Ghazal is well known for […]