WorldVentures Chicago Welcome DreamTrip

Chicago DreamTrip by WorldVentures DreamTrips are 4-5 Star vacations at 2-3 Star PRICES. WorldVentures offers over 1500 DreamTrips to destinations all over the world as well as “Voluntours”. Voluntours are trips with a purpose. Help build a school, update a Boy & Girls Club, provide clean drinking water for an African village. Ways to pay […]

Picturesque St. Charles

Recently we made a visit to the Chicago area and stayed in St. Charles. Couldn’t help but stop on the bridge to take a pic of this lovely scene.

Chicago Blizzard

We were very lucky Sunday morning to get out of Chicago O’hare before the blizzard. We took off two hours late, around 12:30 with already 6 inches on the ground and it had been snowing for 16 hours. After a couple of de-icings, we managed to get off.