River & Canal Cruising Basics

River & Canal Cruising Basics from Cruise Critic   Having cruised Europe’s oceanside ports — theMediterranean, the Baltic, the British Isles — I felt like I’d earned a good birds-eye view and a tremendous perspective. I’d spent days in London and Paris, Athensand Helsinki. I’d cruised a lot, so in some cases I was lucky enough to revisit enchanted places, including Edinburgh,Istanbul, Lisbon and Seville. But what […]

Trends in River Cruising by Cruise Critic

Trends in River Cruising River cruising has been undergoing quite the renaissance, with cruise lines practically competing to see who can add the most ships, the coolest amenities and the most interesting itineraries. We’ve noticed the following recent trends in this hot cruising niche. River cruising is in the midst of a major expansion boom. […]