Leaving the Galilee Area

Galilee Finale As we leave the Galilee area three sites we will pass by on our way out before heading to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Mount Tabor is a monadnock just like Stone Mountain in Georgia. It has battle strategic presence and was that Deborah the judge in the Book of Judges defeated the Canannites. It was the […]

Feeding the 5000, The Sermon on the Mount, & St. Peter

The Feeding of the 5000 & The Mount of Beatitudes In Mark 6, John 6, & Matthew 14 is the story of The Feeding of the 5000. Tabgha is a location on the shores of the Sea of Galilee not far from Capernaum. This once was a very remote location. The earliest building at Tabgha was a small […]


Capernaum: The City of Jesus I cannot say enough about this wonderful Galilee village, Capernaum. When I was there, I personally felt so much of the Spirit. I knew I was for sure walking where Jesus walked. The foundations for all the homes in this little village is truly amazing. You walk around and you […]