Antonia Fortress & The Great Wall

Antonia Fortress (Fort of Antony) The Antonia Fortress was a military barracks built around 19 BC by Herod the Great in Jerusalem on the site of earlier Ptolemaic and Hasmonean strongholds, named after Herod’s patron Mark Antony. The fortress was built at the eastern end of the great wall of the city (the second wall), on the […]

Dead Sea, Negev Desert, & Masada

The Dead Sea, Negev Desert, & Masada At the Dead Sea, the Negev Desert covers half of Israel. In 2013, Lonely Planet  rated the Negev second on a list of the world’s top ten regional travel destinations. That is mainly due to The Dead Sea region. More on the Dead Sea after Negev Desert. When […]

Tel Beersheba & Tel Arad

Tel Beersheba & Tel Arad In 2007, Tel Beersheba was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of more than 200 tels in Israel, Beersheba was cited as one of the most representative, containing substantial remains of a city with biblical connections.  Archeological finds indicate that the tell was inhabited from  around 4000 BC, through to the […]