Travel Tip for the Week

Travel Tip This week’s travel tip is to always pack a washcloth or two.  Most places outside the US, especially in Europe do not provide washcloths.

Travel Tip for the Week

Travel Tip for the Week This weeks travel tip is pack heavy or odd shaped items such as shoes, hair dryers, etc. around the edges in your suitcase. This is my favorite suitcase by the way. I have it in purple.

Travel Tip for the Week: Don’t Throw Away Your Pack List

Travel Tip for the Week Travel  tip for the week is to not throw away your pack list until you return. It is important to put this list in a Word document and save or make a copy of it so you can use it every year and not have to reinvent the wheel but […]

Packing Tips

This is a great article on packing tips. You might want to check out her website at: Here are a few pointers: 1: wear your heaviest and bulkiest clothes on the plane! For me, that usually means my big leather boots. Plus they are easy to take off and slip back on while going […]