Third Day in Fabulous Rome

The Italy Tour Package concludes with day 3 in Rome excursions. Today it is onto the Roman Colosseum, the largest ever built in the Roman Empire, built of concrete and stone. Its construction started in 72 AD, capable of seating 50,000 spectators, was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, […]

Rome: Day Two, Vatican City

These will be today’s awesome experience: Vatican Museums & Palaces Basilica of St. Peter St. Peter’s Square This morning we visit the Vatican Museums. Passing through the Court of the Pigna, Belvedere Palace and then to the Belvedere Courtyard. In the Greek Cross Room you will view the splendid Sarcophagi of Constantine and Helen. Walking […]

Rome: Day One

Abbey of the Three Fountains Catacombs San John di Lateran Church & Benedictine Abbey Abbey of the Three Fountains is the place of Saint Paul’s martyrdom; where tradition has it that three different springs gushed out at each spot touched when Paul’s head hit the ground. Legend claims that when St. Paul was decapitated, his […]

Next Stop, Roma!

There are so many important places in Rome, we will spend three days here. Each major site is an experience in itself so over the next few days, posts will describe these in detail. Here is a list of what we will see: Abbey of the Three Fountains Catacombs San John di Lateran Church Vatican […]

Grand Italy – May 2013

Please join us for this 12 day tour of Italy, including all the major sites and cities. Download Brochure Here By: Lisa

Grand Italy – May 2013

10 Day (12 including travel), the 8 major touring cities, North to South, including the Italian Alps. Details will be released September 28.

Rome: Top Ten Must Sites

This is Lisa’s Top Ten Things to See in Rome, as I promised in order of importance to me: Colosseum, St. Peters, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill, Vatican Museum & The Sistine Chapel, The Pantheon, The Catacombs, Trevi Fountain & The Spanish Steps, San Clemente, and last, Piazza de Popolo. We will visit all ten […]