Lake Bled in the Julian Alps

  Lake Bled is a glacial lake in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia, where it adjoins the town of Bled. The Bled Lake came into existance when the Bohinj Glacier moved away. It is 2120 m long, up to 1380 m wide and it is of the tectonic origin, After the last Ice Age, the […]

Bled Castle

The Bled Castle offers the finest view of the Bled island, the town of Bled and of the wider countryside of the Gorenjska region. Experience the picturesque architecture of the castle and the museum collection, representing the historical development of Bled, its culture and its population. Get familiar with the traditional manual technological procedures of […]

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital and the largest city of Slovenia.  Around 2000 BC, the Ljubljana Marshes in the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana were settled by people living in pile dwellings. These lake-dwelling people lived through hunting, fishing and primitive agriculture. To get around the marshes, they used dugout canoes made by cutting out the inside of tree trunks. Their archeological […]

Koper Slovenia port city and Norwegian Cruise line stop

Welcome to Koper in the Republic of Slovenia. Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Slovenia has a bit of the Alps, Pannonian Plains and the Mediterranean to make for a diverse geography. Slovenian is the official language, Italian and Hungarian are spoken in several regions. Historically, Slovenia was part of the Roman […]