Travel and Sleeping

Travel and Sleeping Travel and Sleep. I’ll admit it — I’ve fallen asleep on a tour bus before, in the middle of a guide’s presentation. And I’m willing to bet that you probably have, too. It’s not just something that has happened once or twice. Whenever I’m on a tour that includes long stretches of driving […]

Travel Tip for the Week

Travel Tip This week’s travel tip is to always pack a washcloth or two.  Most places outside the US, especially in Europe do not provide washcloths.

Carnival Cruise Review – July 2012

We just finished a family vacation aboard Carnival’s Fascination – 5 days. We took this cruise because there were children, adults, and seniors in our family and it worked the best for all.  This is a quick list of what I liked and did not like about that cruise which I have also sent to […]