The Western Wall

The Western Wall The Western Wall in the Old City in Jerusalem is the section of the Western supporting wall of the Temple Mount which has remained intact since the destruction of the Second Temple Period.  It became the most sacred spot in Jewish religious and national consciousness and tradition by virtue of its proximity to […]

Antonia Fortress & The Great Wall

Antonia Fortress (Fort of Antony) The Antonia Fortress was a military barracks built around 19 BC by Herod the Great in Jerusalem on the site of earlier Ptolemaic and Hasmonean strongholds, named after Herod’s patron Mark Antony. The fortress was built at the eastern end of the great wall of the city (the second wall), on the […]

Archaeologist Dr Jim Fleming Leads Holy Land Tours

Holy Land Tour with Archaeologist Dr Jim Fleming. Dr. Fleming has worked and lived in Israel since 1973. He has helped coordinate 12 excavations in Israel and he has been a Lecturer in Archaeology at the School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University in Jeruslaem, Professor of Geography and Archaeology at the Tantur Ecumenical […]